Have you ever thought about becoming a trustee, but not too sure what it entails? Read our blog and find out more about the vital role that trustees have within a charity, and what the benefits are of becoming one. 

What is a trustee? 

A trustee is a volunteer who serves on the governing body of a charity. They play a very important role in making sure that a charity is doing what it is set up to do. Trustees use their skills and experience to support the charity and help them to achieve their aims. 

What does a trustee do? 

Some of the key responsibilities of a trustee include: 

  • Ensuring the charity is achieving its aims 
  • Participate in strategic planning and setting the direction of the charity 
  • Support the senior management team, adding value and expert advice 
  • Look after the charity’s finances
  • Take care of the charity’s assets 

What are the benefits of being a trustee? 

  1. Give something back – As a trustee, you play an important part in shaping the work and strategic direction of the charity. Not only is being a trustee rewarding way to help your community, but it also enables you to contribute your skills and expertise to a cause that is important to you.  
  2. Be part of a team  Being a trustee means working closely with people from diverse professional backgroundsIt provides a great opportunity to gain new insights and to learn from other trustees
  3. Develop skills and experience  Improve your CV by gaining valuable non-executive board experience, and learning new skills within a leadership role. This could open doors to new responsibilities and more senior job prospects. 

You can read more inThe Essential Trustee  (a guide from the Charity Commission).