Coping with hot weather and COVID-19

Most of us look forward to the warmer summer months but there are several important risk factors for health which are shared across hot weather and COVID-19.

Whilst everybody is at risk from hot weather, due to the COVID-19 pandemic certain groups may be more exposed to high indoor temperatures, have reduced access to cooler spaces outside the home, and may be isolating away from people who might normally provide support.

Please read the attached information from the UK Government about keeping safe during the hot weather Covid-19 Keeping safe in the heat

Return to care in the home

For the majority of carers we help through our professional care support services, the last couple of months haven’t been easy. We had to suspend face-to-face care provision in the home and the community when the UK Government announced social distancing restrictions due to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

For many people caring during Covid-19, it meant lending a hand round-the-clock, seven days a week with no respite.

We’re back caring for carers in their own home and have have space to support more unpaid carers at this time.

If you need some respite time away from caring for your loved one, we can help with a care support service for you. Why not get in touch today?

If you, or someone you know cares for someone round-the-clock, Crossroads can help with charitable care support services allowing for regular respite for carers. 

Please call 01372 869 970 or visit Crossroads Care Surrey for further information.

Professional Care Support for Carers 

When you choose to pay for Crossroads care support services, it is important for you to understand, that as a charity we are not-for-profit so you can benefit from highest quality professional care support services at an affordable price. To find out more about our affordable professional care support for carers, including care and companionship befriending, packages of care including end of life support and respite breaks visit Crossroads Care Surrey  

Get Help when you’re self-isolating or shielding because of age, illness or longterm medical condition 

Although the team will now be back into people’s homes providing face-to-face services, there are many who will be unable to benefit from this service because of the need to self-isolate or shield themselves for a 12-week period. If you need help with essential shopping or a prescription medication collection, please contact the team on 01372 869 970 today.

Telephone Befriending 

The telephone befriending contact service is incredibly valuable as experience tells us people do not think to ask or search out help. With the befriending scheme, people we’ve helped tell us they feel we’ve given them a safe space to share how they are feeling, giving Carer Support workers the opportunity to know how best we can support them. 

If you feel you, or a loved one would benefit from regular contact by telephone and would welcome the opportunity to speak to someone about the service, please contact us on 01372 869 970 today.

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Community Centre

The community centre is a new online resource area for children and families. A dedicated area specifically for children to get lost in their own creativity. There is a new story every week, fun activities, colouring and more. You can even get on board with a project or two – let us give you inspiration!

For parents and young carers, we offer an area to escape routine. A place where you can take time out and focus on your own wellbeing.

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Peace of mind

Care services to help Carers to have time away

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Can you help?

Get involved to support unpaid Carers in Surrey

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Be part of our family

Join our team placing Carers at the heart of all we do

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Unexpected opportunity to help carers

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Crossroads Community for Families

Discover Crossroads Community for families, a dedicated digital space where children and families can get immersed in trying something new.

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100 Free Wills

The Goodwill Partnership can help you make a Will in the comfort of your own home and Crossroads will pay for the first 100 Wills. Now’s the time to put your affairs in order, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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The Benefits of making a Will

There are many reasons why you should consider making a Will. Find out more about the benefits for you and your family.

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Crossroads reveal unexpected opportunity to help more carers waiting

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