The Benefits of making a Will

Leaving a will can ensure your loved ones are looked after, safeguard your family home and ensure that you do not pay more inheritance tax than you have to.

People often assume that their spouse or partner will be the main beneficiary of their estate, but without a will that may not necessarily automatically be the case. As well as making sure your loved ones are cared for, a professionally written Will can decide who you want to settle your affairs, ensure your pets are properly looked after and protect your assets.

Having a will in place will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be respected and some of the key benefits are highlighted below:

Benefits of making a Will include:
Financial security for your loved ones;
Paying less inheritance tax;
Appointing guardians for your children;
Choosing your own executors;
Specifying wishes for your funeral;
Avoiding inheritance disputes; and
Making your wishes clear, meaning less worry for your family

Our free Will writing service allows you to provide for your family and friends and if you would like, to leave a gift to your chosen charity too, without worrying. What’s more, you do not need to leave a gift to Crossroads Care Surrey to take advantage of our free service, but any gift you do leave will help us to continue to provide our services to other people like you.

To find out more about this limited time offer please visit Legacy Giving, or why not view our free will-writing guide – Make a Will

Find out more about making a Will

We are pleased to be launching our campaign, titled ‘#100Wills100Days’  which sees the charity giving 100 of our supporters the opportunity to write a Will completely free of charge.

We aim provide 100 free wills in 100 days or whichever comes first.

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