It’s now been a month since the UK Government brought in social distancing restrictions to protect all UK citizens from Coronavirus ‘Covid-19’. As a result the impact on society and life as we know it, has changed forevermore. The impact on health and well-being as well as the long-term economic effects could last many years, but right now, carers are making a difference in helping people and the community spirit is infectious.

In Surrey, Crossroads has adapted its services through regular contact by phone, helping to allieviate isolation and loneliness as well as give practical support with essential shopping and medication for unpaid carers, those they care for and the wider public who may be vulnerable or at-risk during this pandemic. It’s clear, the difference key workers are making right now, impacting the lives of many, including Ursula and her 93 year old neighbour.

Ursula says: “Thank you for taking the time to go shopping for me.  My husband is at risk if he goes out, he needs to self-isolate which means, I can’t go out either. The shopping you’ve brought will help our family, but also my 93 year old neighbour, who lives on his own. He says that you are wonderful for doing this for him.  We don’t know if we could cope without your help, it’s made a real difference.