Being a Carer has untold challenges, if you’ve been there, you know how tough it can be to care for a loved one 24/7. Can you help another Carer to get a break?

With 3 in 5 people caring for a loved one in the course of a lifetime, you may be one of 7 million people caring for a loved one in the UK. If so, please consider leaving a gift in your will or in memory of a loved one to Crossroads Care Surrey so that you can always support the work that we do to give carers a break and ensure that we continue to support carers across Surrey. This work is vital as carers save the UK economy £132 billion every year.

By supporting our work in memory of a loved one or through leaving a small legacy or gift in your will, you will be helping Crossroads Care Surrey to reach more carers who need a respite break in order to continue their caring role.

The generosity of people like you leaving money in their wills enables Crossroads Care Surrey to continue to support local communities. We appreciate that writing a will is a difficult task and can be very complex, and we understand that your will is completely personal to you and so we will always respect your wishes and privacy. As well as this, we of course understand that your family and loved ones will be your priority in writing your will and, therefore, we will ensure that the gift you leave is dealt with respectfully and sensitively.

A legacy gift can come in all shapes and sizes – every small donation can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of a Carer. Your legacy can be any amount, it is completely up to you. You could decide to leave us from £100 to £10,000, from 1% of an estate to 100% or anything left over after other gifts have been made. When writing a will, it is important to discuss matters with a solicitor or financial advisor to ensure that it reflects your exact wishes. If you would like to leave a gift to us in your will, please stipulate that it is to go to: Crossroads Care Surrey and quote our Registered Charity Number: 1125048.