Helping employers give carers flexibility in the workplace

As a charity supporting people who Care, we know we are best placed to guide you as a member of an organisation employing and/or supporting carers in the workplace.

It is our intention, to provide you with the information and support you need to plan the best solution to creating a workplace culture where your employees can thrive.

We can help you to identify those in your employment who are balancing work with a caring role as well as offer different training solutions for line managers to better understand and adopt a flexible approach.

There is strong evidence of the business benefits of being a supportive employer for carers. With 1 in every 6 people leaving work everyday to care, the cost to your business in terms of additional recruitment costs and the potential loss of people with key skills can be avoided.

There are three key ways in which we can support employers including training packages for line managers, corporate membership including an online digital resource centre and the opportunity to support employees who care with a contribution towards their care costs, supporting them to balance the demands of their care role and stay in employment.

Join us and to make a difference for those who care in your employment – keep good people working for longer.

Training courses to support line managers be supportive and flexible to the needs of people who balance work with caring for a loved one

Training For Employers

Help with a contribution towards the cost of care for your employees. Consider a contribution towards the cost of care hours to keep good people in work.

Help make care affordable

Join with employers membership – find out about how your organisation can benefit




will leave employment every day across the UK to care for a friend or family member.

1 in



employed will balance work with a caring responsibility