Emergency Care Planning Service

Free peace of mind for unpaid carers across Surrey

Does someone rely on your care and support? How would people know you are a carer? What would happen if you got caught in an emergency? Here at Crossroads Care Surrey, our Emergency Care Planning Service has been designed to put your mind at rest with 24/7 access to an emergency support service.

By registering with our free Emergency Care Planning Service, you can nominate up to four trusted contacts (in preference order), whom we could contact to provide emergency support in your absence due to an emergency situation, such as:

• You becoming ill or being admitted into hospital on an unplanned basis.

• A family emergency or bereavement.

• Being delayed due to unexpected travel issues.

If no one is available in your network, we can provide up to 48 hours’ round the clock care by sending fully-trained and friendly staff members to step in and provide care. This will give time for you, family, friends, or other relevant organisations to consider the best options should you not be able to return to caring after this time.

You will be issued with a Carers Emergency Card and key fob, showing your unique reference number and a helpline number to call if an emergency arises and you are unable to carry out your caring role.

To register for the Crossroads Care Emergency Planning Service, call us on 01372 869970 or email us at enquiries@ccsurrey.org.uk.

Soon after registering for this service, one of our trained and experienced assessors will contact you to build a robust and detailed care plan for the person for whom you care, to give you confidence that safe and effective care can be provided in your absence. Within ten days, you will be sent your Carers Emergency Card and a hard copy of the Emergency Care Plan to be kept in a safe place on the premises. A digital copy of the Emergency Care Plan will also be sent to your GP, to enable access by health professionals should you not be able to communicate with them in the event of an accident or health emergency.

Here is an Emergency Care Plan template for you to look at, which shows the information you’ll need for your assessment.

If you are not interested in receiving our free Emergency Care Planning Service, you can use this template as the basis to create your own plan.