Crossroads Care Surrey hosted their Annual General Meeting on 7th November 2019 inviting their membership, staff and key supporters, including the Mayor of Woking Borough Council, Cllr Beryl Hunwicks who presented their staff long service awards.

Christine Cleveland, CEO of Crossroads says:

“Despite the difficult financial and political landscape, it’s business as usual with more demand for our services than ever before”.

The charity presented their financial report which sees them running at a very small deficit which will be managed by a very health reserve base.  In addition to statutory income received to deliver regular respite to unpaid carers, the charity is generating £630k through a healthy mix of donations, fundraising and people choosing to pay for their care.  Alastair Paterson, Chairman of the charity says:

“We know we must embrace new ideas and invest in the provision of new services alongside a strategy for building new support for our charitable work.”

In addition to the finance report, the charity highlighted some key achievements from their year, including how they work in partnership, how carers view the service and how they plan to continue to meet demand for the future.

A quote from their published Annual Review states:  “We’ve improved life for 2,049 unpaid Carers by looking after 1,264 loved ones. Without including the wider impact on extended friends and family we have helped 3,313 people.”

An incredible 301 Carers took part in the Annual Carers Survey 2019 more carers than ever before. 99.7% of Carers surveyed said the charity delivered a safe service with 98.2% of people saying the service gave them ‘peace of mind’ to enjoy their respite time. A further 91% stated they were in better health as a result of Crossroads lending a hand. One Carer said:

“Very few people have experience of being a Carer or understand the difficulties faced, but Crossroads staff do. That is priceless.”