Crossroads Care Surrey, a charity which has supported unpaid carers across the county for more than 40 years, is proud to have been credited with a CQC rating that demonstrates the highest levels of the ‘Good’ rating, following a July 2023 inspection of our care provision. The audit also praised the ‘thoughtfully applied person-centred care’, the ‘excellent level of care’, and highlighted that staff were ‘respecting and promoting people’s privacy, dignity and independence.’

Comments made to the CQC inspectors by the unpaid carers supported by Crossroads Care Surrey, included:

  • “I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without them. That respite helps me be a better carer. It gives me time to take for myself, which is so beneficial to my mental health.”
  • “They are so understanding of the needs of not just the person who needs care, but of the carer they are relieving as well.”
  • “They’re my lifeline – without them coming a few hours a week, knowing my mother’s needs so well, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Crossroads Care Surrey supports unpaid carers of all ages, including children and young carers. It offers them much-needed regular breaks from caring, and confidence that the person they care for will have a regular, consistent and professionally-trained Carer Support Worker to help them.

Chief Executive Terry Hawkins said: “Building on our 2017 ‘Good’ rating, we have listened to and worked closely with clients and their families, staff, and our partners to develop all aspects of our care. Together, we have focussed on ensuring each person we support is treated as an individual, and that our polices, training and procedures support staff to deliver excellent care with confidence. I am very proud of our highly professional and compassionate team. The wonderful feedback we receive from clients proves that our charity makes a vital difference to many families who are struggling with the physical, emotional, and financial impact of caring for a loved one.”

10% of Surrey’s population are unpaid carers. This equates to around 120,000 people. The need for the charity’s support is huge.

There are unpaid carers in every Surrey community and caring responsibilities can affect any family at any time, regardless of age, wealth, or other factors.

During their lifetime, 2 out of 3 people can expect to become a carer for a friend or family member. These caring responsibilities may develop slowly or happen suddenly. The impact on an unpaid carer’s physical and mental wellbeing, their ability to earn, and overall family life, can be hugely significant.

Read the full CQC report here