A very big thank you to the West Byfleet community who have actively supported carers to have vital respite time away from caring as part of Waitrose West Byfleet Community Matters project. Over the very busy Christmas period, shoppers took time out to collectively give support to unpaid carers by giving their green tokens to support our work in their community raising an incredible £410.00.

In the last year we have helped to improve the life for 2,049 unpaid carers by lending a hand with care to 1,264 loved ones. Without including the wider impact on extended friends and family we are helping many more people.

Carers UK have recently released new figures which demonstrate we are now living in a society where every 2 in 3 people will care during a lifetime and at a much younger age too. In Surrey alone, we know there are approximately 119,000 unpaid carers, many  of whom are seeking help and waiting to access a service.

Jenni Pringle, Head of Care Operations said: “Thanks to everyone who lives and shops locally at Waitrose West Byfleet. Your support will help us to continue to be there for Carers and their loved ones for the future.” Jenni is pictured above receiving a cheque from Community Matters team at Waitrose.