At Crossroads Adult Clubs in Surrey the tables were turned this week thanks to a £500 grant from Carers Trust towards getting older carers together for  Christmas. We spent a truly magnificent afternoon attending our Reigate Club and very much enjoyed catching up with all our special guests, including Carers and their ‘cared for’ loved ones, family and staff, including our terrific volunteers.

We say the tables have turned because usually Carers have a regular respite break each week as the Crossroads Reigate Adult Club serves to provide breaks for Carers by lending a hand, taking over a care role for a few short hours at a local community venue – the Reigate club is based at St Luke’s Church in Church Road, Reigate.

The club is not only geared up to provide care, but also serves to provide enjoyment, learning and friendship to people who have care needs including health conditions such as Dementia.

This week, Carers enjoyed their time to catch up on last minute Christmas shopping, visit friends and family, attend appointments or simply rest. However, there was a small catch as their respite time was cut short so they could enjoy  a very special thank you from the elves, their ‘cared for’ loved ones. With help and support from staff and volunteers at Crossroads, club members created a truly magical Christmas experience to end the afternoon.

Carers were treated to afternoon tea, including some very tasty mince pies. The Reverend Anita Colpus led a Christmas service including Carols which put everyone in festive spirit. To top it off, Carers were presented with gifts of thanks from those they love and care for a special homemade Christmas pudding, bulb plant and card.