About Us

We are Crossroads Care Surrey, a registered charity that has been providing services to unpaid carers across Surrey for over forty years. We put carers at the heart of everything we do and provide a range of quality care services designed to support those caring for people of all ages, with various health conditions and disabilities.

Our team of professionally trained Carer Support Workers and volunteers support unpaid carers within their own home or their local community, enabling them to take a well-deserved break from their caring responsibilities.

If you are providing care or support to a family member or friend because they are ill, elderly, frail or have a disability, we can help. Our aim is to keep loved ones and caring families together.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of these unpaid carers – that’s anyone who looks after a family member, relative, friend, or neighbour because of a long-term physical or mental ill health or disability.

Not only do they get to enjoy a much-needed break to do the things they love (or do nothing at all!), but they also have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in the safe, reliable and expert hands of our Carer Support workers.

All of our work is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Our History

Crossroads Care started in 1973 in Rugby, named after the long-running soap opera ‘Crossroads’. The soap featured a storyline that involved Meg Richardson caring at home for her disabled son Sandy; this provoked interest from real carers, who highlighted the lack of support for unpaid people looking after their loved ones.

As a direct result, in 1974 broadcasters ATV donated £10,000 to set up the first Crossroads scheme in Rugby to support Carers and their families.

It has now been nearly 50 years since Crossroads Care began supporting unpaid carers – and we’ve come a long way since the days that made it synonymous with the former television soap opera.

Our Team

Crossroads Care Surrey is led by CEO, Terry Hawkins.

The senior management team leads in the important areas of Care Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing Communications and Fundraising. The charity is governed by a team of trustees who all have expertise and skills from the workplace to guide our charitable work towards a vision where all unpaid carers are supported and recognised for the role they have in our society.

Our Values

  • We will always put the interests of Carers and the people for whom they care above all other considerations.
  • We will always respect their individuality, dignity, choice, independence and safety.
  • We will embody professionalism with a human face.
  • We will be flexible and innovative to extend our service.


I am most grateful for a three-and-a-half hours per week of respite, which enables me to recap my energy, relax and enjoy myself. It is a grateful pleasure to welcome our carer each week – for both me and my husband.


In 2021 alone, we reached over 1,500 families including over 3,500 individuals, enabling people who care to take a break, and for their loved ones to be safe and looked after.