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Crossroads saved my marriage. Having a regular break, means my wife and I have special time together, away from caring for our son

Caring for children

We believe that all children should be able to enjoy the same experiences as they grow up – to laugh, make friends, play and learn. Children with disabilities or complex needs may required some extra help to fully take part in the world around them; but that doesn’t mean missing out – and we have plenty of options to ensure they can live life to the fullest.

And on top of that, it helps give a needed break to those who care for the children round the clock.

Care in your own home

We have plenty of carer support workers who love nothing more than looking after children, keeping them stimulated and engaged while their carers can take a break.

Your child can be partnered with someone with the same passions they have, whether that’s reading, early years play, watching TV, playing games, or just chatting! They’ll be able to play and learn while you can enjoy a needed rest. The Carer Support worker will even be able to look after your child’s medication and personal care requirements if needed.

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“The efforts, help, care and attention you all give to my daughter Coco and all the other children and parents is invaluable. I am so impressed with the way the club is run, attention to detail is so reassuring. Coco’s day at the club is so enjoyable, packed with excitement – she runs in with delight and comes home a happy child having had a fun filled day packed with play, help and interaction. I cannot speak more highly of the whole team and organisation.”


Children’s Club at Walton-on-Thames

Our Carer Support Workers don’t just offer support in the home, they can help your children at our registered Mencap facility based in Walton-on-Thames on a Saturday.

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