You stepped in at just the right time. We were exhausted and worried about leaving the house. Your shopping service made us feel valued and loved

Paul is a Carer. He has mental ill-health, suffers with anxiety, OCD and PTSD. He also has COPD, a disease which affects his ability to breathe. He looks after his partner Linda. Linda has learning disabilities and cannot care for herself so Paul does everything for both of them, cooking, cleaning shopping and a whole lot more.

Paul is very anxious and worried about getting infected with Coronavirus because of his care role. “Who will look after Linda, if I’m not well” he says. In fact, Paul and Linda chose to self isolate for up to two weeks prior to the Government restricting movement with the ‘stay home and save lives’ campaign.

So, by the time, Crossroads Care Surrey launched their shopping service Paul and Linda had been socially isolating for three weeks and their  food cupboard supplies were nearly exhausted. Paul says: “We were resigned to living on  spaghetti hoops for the foreseeable future until Glenn, a Crossroads key worker offered to shop for some healthy produce for us. Crossroads have supported me and Linda at our lowest ebb, making us feel valued and loved. Just to eat healthy food for the first time in 3 weeks made such a difference to how we were feeling, both physically and emotionally.”

Paul enjoys cooking and wanted to share some examples of his culinary skills, including the fresh trout he enjoyed with Linda, thanks to Glenn, his Carer Support worker.

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