Individual Care Plans
Tailored to your needs

Individual Care Plans
Tailored to your needs

Our home care services are there to help you to live in your own home, within a friendly and comfortable environment, safely, so that you can maintain your independence, whatever level of care you need. We offer customised care packages such as:

  • Overnight care
  • Assisted holiday breaks
  • Individual care plans


With an individual care plan in place for my wife, I know I can book an extra session at short notice when if I need some extra time to run an errand, get to an appointment or even meet a pal and get that round of golf in

Individual care plans

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With you every step of the way

We appreciate that the caring needs of your loved one may change over time and our services will enable us to try to support you with your care and be with you on every step of the way. Our minimum home visit is 2 hours and we can offer longer visits, and multiple visits to meet your individual needs.

Our telephone befriending service is available for a 30-minute session and can be an accompaniment to our home visit service, or offered separately depending on the support required at any time.


Why we’re the perfect choice

We will always put the interests of Carers and the people for whom they care above all other considerations.

We will embody professionalism with a human face.

We will always respect their individuality, dignity, choice, independence and safety.

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