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At Crossroads Care Surrey, we provide outstanding levels of specialist care for unpaid carers across Surrey including end-of-life care.

When you are caring for an adult or child with support needs every day, we know that keeping all of the plates spinning at the same time can be daunting.

We’ve been providing support to unpaid carers for over 40 years

We know that the opportunity to rest, reflect, refresh, and start all over again is so important. We step in and help the unpaid carer to get that all-important downtime by providing a friendly and fully trained Carer Support Worker to build the trust of you and your family, so you can take a break from your caring duties.

To be able to offer not just clinical support but also emotional and social care too, we need to raise over £480,000 each year. Thankfully, it is donations from people like you that make all the difference and enables us to continue caring in Surrey.

To make a one-off donation or to give regularly please do so here.  And if you’re a UK taxpayer we urge you to please tick the Gift Aid box to ensure your donations are worth 25% more to us – at no extra cost to you.

Your donation, big or small, really will make a difference.  Here are some ideas of what your donation could provide and help us to provide great care for even more people in Surrey.


Will pay for a Personal Alarm to keep our team safe


Will pay for one polo shirt (each CSA team member will receive three as a minimum)


Will pay for one branded fleece (each team member will receive one as a minimum)


Will pay for one branded tunic (each CSW team member will receive three as a minimum)


Will pay for one 3.5-hour care break for one family

If you would like to talk to us about your donation, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Please call our fundraising team on 01372 869970 and they’ll be happy to help.