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1 in every 7 carers are supported by gifts in wills

People become carers for many reasons and those who care often did not expect to take on a caring role. Looking after loved ones  can happen gradually over a period of time as care needs increase, but sometimes it can be sudden, turning lives upside down.

At Crossroads Care Surrey, we can offer professional care support services for carers. We lend a hand by taking over care responsibilities for a few short hours regularly to allow unpaid carers to have time away to look after their own physical and emotional health so they can keep caring.

Information about leaving a legacy

Can you help Crossroads to keep caring for those who care? Every year, increasingly more unpaid carers are asking for help. By leaving a legacy gift in your will, you can make a difference for carers in the future.

To find out further information about leaving a gift in your will, download our guide to making your will today.

Making a Will guide

I’ve chosen to leave a legacy to Crossroads to help unpaid carers to be able to keep living healthy and happy lives whilst they are caring.


We are pleased to be launching our campaign, titled ‘#100Wills100Days’ which will start on 5th June and will see the charity giving 100 of our supporters the opportunity to write a Will completely free of charge.

We aim provide 100 free wills in 100 days or whichever comes first.  Exclusively, the promotion will only be open to unpaid Carers supported by Crossroads Care Surrey for the first three weeks.

Why not take the steps today to ensure your wishes are respected? This service allows you to provide for your family and friends and leave a gift to your chosen charities too, without worrying.

It’s simple, it’s free and the Goodwill Partnership will guide and support you from the comfort of your own home.

From the 25 June 2020 the offer will extend to anyone wishing to seek the support of a Will writing service.

You do not need to leave a gift to Crossroads Care Surrey to get a free Will written, but any gift you do leave will help us to continue to provide our services to other people like you.

If you would like further information about writing your will why not use our free will-writing guide.

To contact The Goodwill Partnership to take up a the free will writing offer, see our charity page on their website via the button below.

If you would like to talk to us  about this offer, or about writing a will contact our legacy support team on 01372 869 987 or email at

The Goodwill Partnership - Find out more

Will fund a community activity centre specifically for people with disability, illness or more complex needs where professionally trained Carer Support workers care allowing unpaid carers respite time.

Will help fund digital technology so Crossroads can offer regular telephone befriending for carers.

Will fund 100 carers to enjoy 10 half day respite breaks looking after both their physical and emotional well-being

2 in every 3 people will care in a lifetime.

Many full-time carers are looking after loved ones round-the-clock, seven days a week with no respite.

Last year, gifts in wills supported 1 in every 7 unpaid carers to get the help and support they needed.  Leaving a small gift in your will will help Crossroads Care Surrey reach more carers who really need professional care support.

You can make a big difference.

Jen Sanderson, Legacy Officer

Next steps

With 2 in every 3 people likely to care for a loved one during a lifetime, leaving a gift in your will can help us to be there for more Carers in years to come.

If you would like to find out more, please fill in the contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.



Many people tend to put off writing their will, believing it to be expensive. We work with The Goodwill Partnership, an organisation which specialises in will writing.

Find out more about writing your Will with The Goodwill Partnership