Training Packages

We can support employers with specific, relevant and bespoke training solutions for your organisation to better understand the needs of people who balance work with a caring responsibility. All training can be provided either virtually or face-to-face.

Understanding the needs of those who Care

A course directed at line managers to understand the specific needs of people who care outside of work. This course tackles how to spot the signs someone who works for you may be caring and how to listen and be supportive with flexibility.

Creating a Culture which supports Carers in the workplace

A half day workshop designed to take you through the appropriate steps to be more Carer friendly in the workplace. During the session, you will be supported with information and advice to:

  • Create a model Carer policy
  • Create of a guide for your line managers to understand and support employees who have caring responsibilities
  • Best practice tips and advice for employers managing carers
  • Mental Health First Aid, mental health resilience and mindfulness

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Because my employer gives me flexibility to look after my Dad who suffers from sight loss, I can visit him each morning to check in and administer his eye drops before work.

If he has a GP or hospital visit, I don’t feel guilty about asking for time out. It’s all about flexibility and understanding. I feel valued as a member of the team and a carer for my Dad.