The Impact of Covid19 for people caring

For many unpaid carers, the last few months haven’t been easy. With the UK Government enforcing social distancing measures, the charity couldn’t be there to support carers with a regular respite break.

Crossroads quickly responded to ensure carers could receive help and support by regularly touching in with a phone call.  In 10 weeks of lockdown, the charity supported carers with more than 3100 calls, checking in on the welfare of both carers and their loved ones to offer emotional support.

In addition, the charity supported families across the community in a practical way. Helping more than 800 people with food shopping and picking up essential prescription collections.

From 1 June, 70% of unpaid carers supported by the charity said they wanted Crossroads to return to their home to provide them with a regular respite break.

To do this, Crossroads have invested in more than 20,000 units of PPE including masks, gloves and aprons and hand sanitiser to ensure the safety of unpaid carers and their families, staff and volunteers.

The last couple of months have been an experience most people will never forget. For Crossroads, making sure they can be there for people who care has been a very worthwhile and rewarding challenge – adapting the service to ensure they can still there for those who care.

Now the charity have returned to caring in people’s homes once more, they are keen to point out this incredible journey is not over yet. There’s more work to be done and the charity pledge to keep caring so carers can get the respite they deserve; and they will continue to give help through befriending and shopping services and hope to recruit a network of volunteers to keep this going to help all those who may be vulnerable or at-risk due to illness or age meaning they need to self-isolate.

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