Professional care
support services

Professional care
support services

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Our team of more than 150 professional Carer Support Workers have all received at least 45 hours of training in all aspects of care.


When you’re caring, just knowing you have Crossroads propping you up makes all the difference. Having time away from caring to look forward to is something I cherish

Maintain your independence

Most people would rather remain in their own home as they grow older rather than move to a residential care home, especially if they do not have full-time care needs.

We can support you every step of the way and be there for you as your care needs grow. It is our aim to support you to keep living your life well so you can remain confident and independent for as long as possible.

In the early stages of support, you may wish to have some companionship, and as time moves on and your care needs grow, we can help with personal care or more complex needs which require more specialist care.

We provide a safe, reliable service which is regulated and accredited by the Care Quality Commission.

We’re passionate about you, so when we visit you in your home for the first time, we’ll take time out to discover more about you so we have the whole picture when we care for you – your interests, hobbies and more. Our key focus will be your care plan, but our carers want to spend time to help and support you to enjoy and make the most of life.

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Why we’re the perfect choice

We will always put the interests of Carers and the people for whom they care above all other considerations.

We will embody professionalism with a human face.

We will always respect their individuality, dignity, choice, independence and safety.


Caring changes the way you live your life, I worry about how Parkinson’s will affect both our lives as the disease gets progressively worse over time

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