Carers Rights Day 2023

Crossroads Care Surrey celebrates the incredible impact its Carer Support Workers and staff have on the many unpaid carers we continue to help and support across Surrey.

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Crossroads Care Surrey is a registered charity dedicated to providing information, advice and practical support to all unpaid carers, their families and the people for whom they care.

Through funding provision by the Better Care Fund (in collaboration with Surrey County Council, Surrey Heartlands ICS and Frimley Health & Care ICS), all unpaid carers have universal access to a range of fully-funded support services, from telephone and online support through to full care replacement breaks, to ensure the carer gets some all-important downtime.

We don’t want there to be any barriers to support, so:

– we welcome referrals from any unpaid carers themselves or any members of their wider community network, including friends, family members or health professionals.

– we can help regardless of where the carer is in their journey. Often, the earlier we can provide advice and support, the better.

– we can signpost other services that may be able to boost their support even further.

– we can refer carers for a Carer’s Assessment if they need an ongoing package of support.

All of this is done with the full input of the carer (and other family members, where relevant). We’re all about doing what’s best for unpaid carers across Surrey, as we know what a hugely valuable job they do. Our aim is for carers to feel supported and rested in order to carry on doing what they do, for as long as possible.

We’ve been caring in Surrey for over 40 years and, with your help, can continue to provide care and support in the local community for those who need it most.

I’m a Director, Get Me Out of Here!

On Friday 30th June, we held our very first “I’m a Director, Get Me Out of Here!” charity fundraiser at the aptly-named Home of Compassion care home, operated by Aria Care.

The event involved 14 directors from local Surrey organisations going head-to-head to see who would be crowned the ‘Caring King or Queen of Surrey’.

During the day, they faced various ‘Bushtucker Trials’ – such as reptile handling and eating some rather unpleasant things – all in return for sponsorship.

So far, over £21,000 has been raised from this event to help us support unpaid carers in Surrey who are caring for a loved-one in need.

Become a free Surrey Carers Cardholder

The Surrey Carers Card, offered in partnership with Surrey County Council, is designed to be kept with you – so that in an emergency, anyone helping you is made aware that someone depends on you – should you ever be unable to communicate this yourself.

Being a Surrey Carers Cardholder also grants you access to a whole host of excellent discounts and offers – so why not apply today?

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    All of our staff members are trained in infection prevention and control and are provided with personal protection equipment (PPE) to keep themselves and those we support safe at all times.

    Please contact our care team if you have any worries or concerns about care visits to your home.